Mommy Makeover in Nigeria

Dr Stanley Okoro is helping Nigerian women who have had children address the many body changes that can be brought on by pregnancy with a combination of treatment options. With the Mommy Makeover, moms can restore their pre-pregnancy figures and boost their self-esteem. In Nigeria, mommy makeover is the combination of cosmetic plastic surgery treatments. There are so many options for treatment, Dr. Okoro has dedicated an entire web page just to his patients who desire a Mommy Makeover in Nigeria. These procedures can now be performed in Lagos or Abuja Nigeria.

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Why get Mommy Makeover

Now that you’ve had your beautiful children you may want to get your body back into shape. Years of sacrifice involving pregnancy, weight fluctuations, and inability to exercise can result in dramatic changes to a woman’s physique. These changes are often seen in face, breasts, hips, thighs, and abdominal areas. And for many mothers, even vigorous exercise and dieting fail to restore their previous form.

You may have already shed a few pounds gained during the pregnancy and are working out to regain muscle tone. But how can you improve sagging breasts, loose tummy skin, stretch marks or the bulging areas of the hips resistant to exercise and dieting? That’s where Dr. Okoro can help with a customized mommy makeover in Nigeria.

Although each case is unique, these makeovers frequently involve various combination of procedures. For instance, one mother may seek a breast lift and a tummy tuck while another may find that thigh liposuction and a breast lift fulfill her goals better. Regardless of the combination selected, experienced board certified plastic surgeons like Dr. Okoro are uniquely trained and qualified to perform the full range of these mommy makeover in Nigeria

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