Lip Reduction in Nigeria

Lip reduction in Nigeria is used to reduce the size and volume of the upper and lower lips. Most Nigerians usually request reduction of the lower lip.

Lip reduction surgery is usually performed under local anesthesia as an outpatient procedure. There is usually no need for general anesthesia and our patients will go home the same day. Dr. Okoro normally uses sutures that will disolve. This means that there is no suture removal. Our lip reduction surgery in Nigeria is performed in Lagos or Abuja.

A consultation is needed with Dr Okoro prior to scheduling your procedure. A consultation fee of N50K is required. After your consultation, you and Dr. Okoro will develop a plan for your lip reduction, and our office will send you a quote for the procedure.

The cost of lip reduction in Nigeria includes the following: Surgeons fee, Hospital fees, follow up appointments. General anesthesia is NOT usually required but available if requested. General anesthesia fees is extra. The average cost is $3500 or more

For more information about lip reduction in Nigeria, or to schedule a confidential consultation, please call +1770-485-1554 (our USA number for all clinic appointments) or  +234 806 555 1615 (our Nigerian number for administrative questions).  Feel free to contact us by email:  All e-mail correspondence are highly confidential.