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Dr. Okoro is certified by both the American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Surgery.

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Cosmetic Plastic Surgery in Nigeria

We are the premier cosmetic plastic surgery resource for Nigerians & Africans looking for safe cosmetic plastic surgical procedure within Nigeria. If you are looking for a well trained American board certified plastic surgeon to deliver world class care in Nigeria, we are your one stop shop. We offer world class care close to home. There is no need to travel overseas for excellence in cosmetic plastic surgery. If you cannot wait for the office visit, ask for your virtual consult today! Call to find out why Nigerians demand the services of Dr. Okoro.

Our Plastic Surgeon, Dr. Okoro, explains how to get a consultation in Nigeria

We provide customized cosmetic plastic surgery in a confidential and safe environment at our Abuja & Lagos locations. The following cosmetic procedures are offered :

If you prefer to travel oversea for your plastic surgery procedure, our US location in Atlanta Georgia offers one of the best options for Nigerians traveling oversea for cosmetic plastic surgical procedures. There are direct flights from Abuja or Lagos to Atlanta. Visit our Atlanta Georgia site for more details.

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