Frequently Asked Questions about Plastic Surgery in


How Often is Cosmetic Plastic Surgery offered.
Dr. Okoro travels between Atlanta & Nigeria (Lagos and Abuja) every 2 months to perform cosmetic plastic surgery.

Why come to Abuja Plastics for my cosmetic procedure?
1) Dr. Okoro was born in Nigeria, but trained in the United States. Even though he is one of the most sort after plastic surgeon in Atlanta & Nigeria, he understands the needs of the Nigerian cosmetic patient. He provides superior results while respecting your cultural and religious believes.
2) Why travel oversea for surgery and never see your doctor again. Our plastic surgery colleagues in Nigeria will care for you in Nigeria and Dr. Okoro will also see you in Nigeria for follow up at least every 2 months.
3) If you prefer to have your surgery in the United States, Dr. Okoro will provide your follow up in Nigeria
4) We provide you with absolute confidentiality and privacy. Our centers in Abuja and Lagos are very private and discrete.
5) We are trusted by celebrities in Nigeria & US to provide discrete cosmetic results. Confidentiality is our business.

How about Smartlipo™

Is it cleared by the FDA?
Yes. Smartlipo™ is approved by the United States FDA

Does Smartlipo™ produce lasting results?
Yes! The Smartlipo permanently destroys the treated fat cells. Adults do not create new fat cells. If you gains weight, your remaining fat cells simply expand and fat will most likely accumulate in areas where liposuction was not performed.

Who is a good candidate for the procedure?
The best candidates for Smartlipo™ are men and women who:
• are in good health.
• have tried diet and exercise.
• have distinct areas of localized fats.
• have realistic expectations.
• realize that liposuction is not a treatment for obesity

How many treatments are required?
For most patients, typically only one treatment is required. The session may last from 45 minutes to one hour for each area treated.

What areas are treated by Smartlipo™
They following areas can safely undergo Smartlipo™
• Neck / Chin
• Chest / Breast
• Abdomen (Tummy, Stomach area)
• Waist / Love handle
• Bra rolls
• Back
• Hips
• Inner Thigh
• Outer Thigh (Saddle bags)
• Knee, and legs

How about revision liposuction?
If you have had liposuction and need a touch up or revision, Smartlipo™ is an ideal choice for you

I don’t want Smartlipo™ or laser liposuction. What options are available?
Dr Okoro is an expert in all the different options in liposuction. He is able to present you the best option for your situation. We also offer Tumescent micro cannula liposuction without laser.