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Plastic Surgery in Africa

If you live in West Africa, such as Benin, Cameron, Ghana, Liberia, the choice for cosmetic plastic surgery in Africa has been limited to either traveling overseas or depending on anyone who offers any kind of cosmetic plastic surgery regardless of training, experience or ethics. The wait is over! Africa’s own American double board certified Plastic Surgeon now delivers world class and American standard plastic surgery in Africa.

Dr. Stanley Okoro is one of the most sought after Plastic Surgeon both in Africa and the USA. He is based in Atlanta Georgia USA, not travels to Nigeria to see patient and perform cosmetic plastic surgery in Lagos Nigeria.

Patients now travel to Lagos Nigeria from Benin, Cameroon, Ghana, Liberia, South Africa, Togo etc. Many African countries now have direct flights to Lagos Nigeria, making it easier for patients to travel for plastic surgery.

To find out why many Africans request Dr. Okoro for their cosmetic plastic surgery, call +234-803-555-1615 to book your confidential consultation or email us at