Plastic Surgery Prices in Nigeria

Plastic surgery prices in Nigeria vary widely and depends on many factors. The final plastic surgery price you pay for your cosmetic plastic surgery procedure depends mostly on your own aesthetic needs. We are as unique as our own aesthetic needs. It also depends on the quality of your surgeon, and facility for the procedure.

Many people call our plastic surgery offices asking for cosmetic plastic surgery prices in Nigeria. Asking for plastic surgery prices or quotes over the phone or by email is like asking your mechanic how much it will cost to fix your car without doing a diagnostic on your car. This analogy compares the human body and a vehicle. The human body is more complex and complicated than a car. However, it helps to understand why it’s hard to get a proper quote on the phone or email. The mechanic (Doctor) will probably ask you to bring the car (you) into the shop (clinic) for proper evaluation (consultation).  Without the diagnostic, the mechanic cannot know what to fix and cannot give you an accurate quote.

The best way to get the most accurate quote for your cosmetic plastic surgery is via our consultation. We offer both virtual (Skype) and face to face consultation. Call us today for your confidential consultation.