Tummy Tuck in Nigeria

If you are considering to undergo tummy tuck in Nigeria, there are many factors to consider. Should you travel oversea or stay in Nigeria? How about recovery after surgery? What about follow up appointment? Who will take care of me if there is a problem? After considering all these factors, many Nigerian women are choosing Tummy tuck in Nigeria.

Nigerian women now prefer Tummy tuck in Nigeria due to the following reasons

  • No need to travel for surgery. Save time and money
  • Nigeria born, foreign trained plastic surgeons are now available in Nigeria
  • Follow up appointments in Nigeria
  • Opportunity to meet with a real plastic surgeon before any surgery commitment
  • Family and friends available to help during recovery
  • There is someone to ask questions
  • Confidential consultations

Tummy tuck in Nigeria is also known as an abdominoplasty.  Tummy tuck in Nigeria is a cosmetic procedure that removes excess tissue, skin and fat from the midsection/torso area with the aim to create a smoother, flatter and more aesthetically appealing stomach.

However, choosing to undergo a cosmetic procedure is not a simple decision and it is important to go into it with as much information as possible. Your recovery is a vital step to achieving the best and most satisfying results for your tummy tuck.

An experienced, American board-certified plastic surgeon like Dr. Stanley Okoro will walk you through the procedure and instruct you how to properly care for yourself during the recovery process.

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