Brazilian Buttock lift in Nigeria

Brazilian buttock lift in Nigeria is one of the most requested procedure in our Lagos & Abuja clinic. Dr. Okoro is a world expert in buttock enhancement. In his Atlanta office, he has performed over a thousand buttock enhancement using the patients own fat. He is known for natural buttock enhancement using fat during Brazilian buttock lift.

The Brazilian buttock lift in Nigeria (Fat grafting to the Buttock) is natural buttock augmentation procedure using fat cells harvested from one area of the body and transferred to the buttocks. Fat transfer or injection to the buttocks results in natural buttock enhancement without buttock implants. During Brazilian butt lift in Nigeria or buttock fat grafting, Dr. Okoro, an Atlanta Cosmetic Plastic Surgeon and fat transfer & grafting expert, removes fat from selected areas of your body using his own special state-of-the-art technique to naturally and strategically inject fat into the buttocks. Fat injection is the best and safest butt injection procedure in the Nigeria. The result is more youthful, fuller and uplifted natural buttocks without implants. The resulting effect is that the woman appears more attractive and sensuous. An added benefit of the Brazilian Butt Lift: the liposuction removes fat from areas of excess fat giving you a leaner profile.

If you are interested in Brazilian buttock lift in Nigeria, call Dr. Okoro’s office in Lagos or Abuja for your confidential consultation. Call 0806-555-1615 for your consultation.